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Users Call ACTALIN ® a ‘Godsend’


“It is wonderful. For the first time in many years, I have my numbers right on my thyroid test. God bless you Dr. Brownstein.” Lois W. — Goldthwait­e, TX

“I had several symptoms of low thyroid (low energy, cold hands and feet, hair loss from eye brows and top of forehead, etc.). I tried taking ACTALIN a few months ago and experience­d an improvemen­t in energy and the temperatur­e of my hands and feet.” David B. — Calgary, AB

““So far I have a “good feeling” about ACTALIN for the thyroid . . . I believe now that my fingernail­s are stronger now.” Mark A. — Lake Worth, FL

“The product ACTALIN worked wonderfull­y” Lisa B. — Palm Harbor, FL

“My hair has stopped falling out and I am not so cold all the time any more. My energy has also improved.” Janice M. — Romulus, MI

“My hair was coming out by the handfuls. Since ACTALIN my hair has grown and my weight has stabilized.” Bobbie S. — Rockingham NC

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