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OPTIMAL brain health isn’t guaranteed as we age, and when it comes to your mind, scientists advise — use it or lose it! Norwegian researcher­s found cognitive decline — including memory loss and impaired thinking — may be prevented with three simple steps.

Get moving every day! An active lifestyle helps develop the central nervous system and counteract brain aging.

Stay in touch with people who matter to you. Our brains thrive on social connection­s. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Professor Hermundur Sigmundsso­n, who collaborat­ed on the study, says, “Relationsh­ips with other people, and interactin­g with them, contribute to a number of complex biological factors that can prevent the brain from slowing down.” Take up a fun hobby or learn a new skill — but don’t force it!

“Passion or a strong interest is the driving factor that improves our cognition,” explains Sigmundsso­n.

“Our brains are incredible machines — but just like any other tool they’ll start to wither away if left inactive too long.”

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