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Now weird Ezra wants Sarandon to bow down


GENDER-bending Ezra Miller has raised concerns after demanding friend and mentor

Susan Sarandon “pay tribute” for not inviting The Flash star to a recent dinner party, insiders tattle!

Two visitors to Ezra’s Vermont home dish the 30-year-old actor has erected a self-praising altar decorated with marijuana, sage, bullets and Flash figurines. Ezra apparently demands to be seen as a Christ-like savior who should be venerated. “Ezra freaked out recently demanding [Susan] come pay

tribute at the altar,” says a source close to the nonbinary star, who uses they/them pronouns.

As The National ENQUIRER recently reported, Ezra’s been accused of being an abusive cult leader at a “commune” in Iceland and claims to possess supernatur­al powers.

One Massachuse­tts mom accuses the gun-toting Fantastic Beasts star — who’s twice been charged for disorderly conduct and arrested for burglary — of grooming her 18-year-old daughter from the time she was 12!

Ezra has denied all of the charges but recently issued a public apology for behaving bizarrely.

“Ezra’s conduct gets more erratic by the day,” dishes a source. “People are deeply concerned that someone will wind up hurt if Ezra doesn’t get profession­al help soon.”

 ?? ?? Ezra was reportedly upset over Susan’s snubbed invite
Ezra was reportedly upset over Susan’s snubbed invite

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