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You’re no stranger to cur­rent health trends: From choos­ing or­ganic foods to treat­ing ail­ments with herbs and oils to DIY per­sonal care prod­ucts, you have prob­a­bly tried and adopted at least one healthy habit in the re­cent months.

Maybe you make your own sham­poo, whip up a daily home­made smoothie, or firmly be­lieve that co­conut oil can solve al­most all prob­lems from the kitchen to the bath­room to the bed­room. What­ever the en­deavor, the goal was the same: to bet­ter your body by con­sciously choos­ing what to put in it, whether by way of in­ges­tion (food) or top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion (body care prod­ucts).

So, it stands to rea­son that if you hold your body in such high re­gard, your home should get the same su­pe­rior treat­ment—right? Af­ter all, that’s where you eat those or­ganic foods, cre­ate that home­made sham­poo, and use all that co­conut oil. It’s the space in which you wel­come fam­ily, en­ter­tain friends, and play with pets.

Your home is where you root the body you care so much about, so of course you want to keep it clean. But when it comes to some of the all-pur­pose prod­ucts you’re us­ing, well—maybe it’s time you took a sec­ond look at what’s lurk­ing in that bin un­der your kitchen sink.

Be­cause the govern­ment doesn’t re­quire clean­ing prod­ucts to be la­beled with their in­gre­di­ents (or even that those in­gre­di­ents and prod­ucts are tested for health and safety), it might be tricky to de­ter­mine which clean­ing prod­ucts are best for your home. Be­ware of mis­lead­ing la­bels that claim the prod­uct is “all nat­u­ral,” “green,” or “eco-friendly.” Although these la­bels sound promis­ing, com­pa­nies some­times use these terms sim­ply as mar­ket­ing strate­gies to mis­lead cus­tomers into pur­chas­ing prod­ucts that don’t ac­tu­ally live up to their claims—a term called green­wash­ing.

An easy way to check is to visit the En­vi­ron­men­tal Work­ing Group’s Guide to Healthy Clean­ing, type the prod­uct name in the search bar, and check out both the in­gre­di­ent list and safety rat­ing. Find the Guide at­ers. Use each in­gre­di­ent on its own, or mix with wa­ter to cre­ate nat­u­ral and fresh house­hold clean­ers.

Lemon Juice: Clean glass, brighten the shower and toi­let bowl, and dis­in­fect sur­faces

Co­conut Oil: Pol­ish wood fur­ni­ture, re­move soap scum, re­place WD-40

Ap­ple Cider Vine­gar: Re­pel fleas, clean ap­pli­ances such as the mi­crowave, de­odor­ize laun­dry

White Vine­gar: Pol­ish sil­ver, clean win­dows, neu­tral­ize odors, un­clog drains, re­move stains

Bak­ing Soda: Scrub toi­lets, tubs, and coun­ters, clean the oven or grill, de­odor­ize car­pet

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