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One of the big­gest ar­gu­ments against sun­screen goes some­thing like this: “If our an­ces­tors didn’t have to wear sun­screen, why do we? Even nat­u­ral sun­screen isn’t nat­u­ral be­cause our an­ces­tors didn’t wear it.”

Yes, that’s true—but our an­ces­tors also didn’t have to deal with the de­ple­tion of the ozone layer. The ozone, a re­gion in the earth’s strato­sphere con­tain­ing a high con­cen­tra­tion of ozone nat­u­ral gas, ab­sorbs most of the sun’s UV ra­di­a­tion—but as com­mon man­u­fac­tured chem­i­cals make their way into the sky, that pro­tec­tive shield shrinks. These chem­i­cals con­tain chlo­rine and/or bromine, which are re­leased into the strato­sphere when the chem­i­cal is bro­ken apart by UV light.

In the sim­plest terms, a de­pleted ozone layer means that more of the sun’s harm­ful rays—in par­tic­u­lar, UVB—are able to reach the earth be­cause there is less of a shield ab­sorb­ing those rays. It does not mean that the sun’s out­put of rays lessens or in­creases; it just means there is less pro­tec­tion, which puts us at greater risk of de­vel­op­ing many of the skin con­di­tions pre­vi­ously dis­cussed.

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