Nur­tur­ing Healthy Ag­ing

Natural Solutions - - Natural Radiance - BY SUKI KRAMER

We are all aware of the in­evitable mat­u­ra­tion of our skin— but those lines, spots, and saggy parts are ac­tu­ally the man­i­fes­ta­tion of the evo­lu­tion of our lives. What we see in the mir­ror isn’t nec­es­sar­ily bet­ter or worse than the day or year be­fore; it’s just dif­fer­ent. Many women ex­pe­ri­ence an acute discomfort with these changes in their 40s and 50s and turn to syn­thetic “mir­a­cle” creams and po­tions that prom­ise to turn back the clock—but rarely de­liver. Those “mir­a­cles” with volatile syn­thetic ac­tives (VSAs) can cause not only top­i­cal ir­ri­ta­tion, but also an un­der­ly­ing im­mune re­sponse. This vi­cious cy­cle of treat­ments and flare-ups ex­ac­er­bates the very is­sues you are at­tempt­ing to treat! And the goal of re­claim­ing our youth, once only a fo­cus for those in mid­dle age, has now be­come a new ob­ses­sion for those as young as their 20s. So what if, in­stead of try­ing to freeze our skin in time, we be­gan to fo­cus on skin health?

I mean, what is a wrin­kle? Even ba­bies have them—but do we ever think of those beau­ti­ful lit­tle smiles as wrin­kles? The truth is that if we are healthy, signs of our ex­pe­ri­ence and mat­u­ra­tion are com­pletely nor­mal. In fact, joy, hap­pi­ness, grat­i­tude, laugh­ter, com­pas­sion, and pas­sion all lead to char­ac­ter lines that en­hance the fea­tures we were born with, not take away from them.

But it is also true that ag­ing is the re­sult of ac­cu­mu­lat­ing cell dam­age. Part­ner this with the “mus­cle mem­ory” of a squint, smile, frown, or grav­ity, and there you have it: those charm­ing wrin­kles! While the re­al­i­ties of health and van­ity pro­vide two very dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives on ag­ing, there are things we can do to pre­vent a weak­en­ing of the skin. While our skin con­cerns are vast (wrin­kles, age spots, un­even skin tone, adult acne), they are all caused by the same in­ter­nal sys­temic im­bal­ances such as in­flam­ma­tion, oil, and bac­te­ria. The right skin­care reg­i­men and life­style will pro­tect and re­pair our per­fectly good cells, which will heal and pre­vent the un­der­ly­ing causes of pre­ma­ture ag­ing from the in­side out.

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