Con­sci­en­tious Closet

Stitch­ing To­gether FASH­ION and SUS­TAIN­ABIL­ITY

Natural Solutions - - Publisher's Note -

has come and gone, leav­ing re­tail­ers to count their prof­its while you scam­per about in your new clothes, likely pil­fered at a deep dis­count—but is it re­ally worth it? Ac­cord­ing to Zady, a con­sci­en­tious cloth­ing de­signer, ap­parel ac­counts for 10 per­cent of the world’s car­bon foot­print and is the sec­ond big­gest pol­luter of fresh wa­ter. From field to land­fill, en­vi­ron­men­tal prob­lems plague the en­tire fash­ion life­cy­cle. That’s why we spoke with Max­ine Bé­dat, founder and CEO of Zady, on the trou­bling is­sues in the fash­ion in­dus­try.

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