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You may be aware by now that your gut is filled with a host of liv­ing or­gan­isms that make up your gut mi­cro­biome, and th­ese lit­tle bugs might be call­ing the shots when it comes to our di­ges­tive health. Not con­tent be­ing one-trick mi­crobes, they can soothe in­flam­ma­tion, help cure IBS, down­play di­ar­rhea, and maybe even have a say in sati­ety. It be­comes pretty clear, then, that when it comes to the gut, ster­ile is not the an­swer.

Good­belly, a maker of pro­bi­otic drinks (filled with bil­lions of ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria), found out the scoop on Amer­ica’s di­ges­tive health and shared their re­sults with Nat­u­ral Solutions. “We can all find hu­mor in poop as one of the more unglam­orous as­pects of daily life,” said Alan Mur­ray, CEO of Good­Belly. “But poop­ing is also an im­por­tant in­di­ca­tor of a per­son’s health. That’s why we set out to get the scoop on Amer­ica’s bath­room habits—to help draw at­ten­tion to the im­por­tance of di­ges­tive health and of­fer a so­lu­tion to help make ‘the go’ a more pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence.” of peo­ple get the scoop on their own poop, look­ing at it be­fore flush­ing.

of cou­ples have an open di­a­logue about poop­ing, and 22 per­cent have an open door pol­icy.

often poop at work (be­cause who doesn’t love get­ting paid to poop?).

avoid us­ing pub­lic re­strooms when­ever pos­si­ble (be­cause, yuck!).

use mo­bile de­vices while on the toi­let. of peo­ple poop mul­ti­ple times each day, but nearly 10 per­cent are sur­pris­ingly only go­ing three times or less per week.

Young adults ages 18-24 spend more time on the toi­let than any other adult age group.

peo­ple older than 65 are the quick­est in the bath­room.

Source: Good­belly

Source: Par­sons

A waste­water treat­ment plant in Wash­ing­ton DC is turn­ing poop into power. Through a process called ther­mal hy­drol­y­sis and anaer­o­bic di­ges­tion, they are able to con­vert solid waste into a re­new­able en­ergy source that pro­vides 12 megawatts of elec­tric­ity.

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