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I told my­self I was go­ing to be “good.” I was not go­ing

to have bread or dessert while eat­ing out. But I ar­rived

starv­ing and the bread bas­ket was star­ing back at me. Be­fore I knew it, my body was on auto pi­lot and I ended up eat­ing the bread bas­ket, my full en­trée, and dessert! What is wrong with me? Argh! I was just so hun­gry and now

I’m mad at my­self be­cause I’m too full and ru­ined my diet.

I hear this sce­nario of­ten. We’ve all been there—we say we are not go­ing to do the very thing we end up do­ing. Peo­ple want to lose weight, so why do they get in their own way?

The com­mon down­fall I see when peo­ple are try­ing to lose weight is not hav­ing a plan. As I say of­ten, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” How­ever, we can have a great plan in place and still get side­tracked by “fat traps” that keep the scale from budg­ing and keep us from feel­ing and look­ing our best.

Here are 9 sim­ple steps you can use to not only avoid fat traps, but lose weight in the process!

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