Are Peo­ple in Maine and Mas­sachusetts re­ally smarter than peo­ple in Con­necti­cut?

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They cer­tainly are, when it comes to their knowl­edge of high ef­fi­ciency Duct­less Heat Pumps! They know ex­actly what a Duct­less Heat Pump is, how they can ben­e­fit from the en­ergy sav­ings, and how to achieve to­tal home com­fort.

So… how do they know so much?

Maine and Mas­sachusetts were the north­east states cho­sen to be the poster child for the high ef­fi­ciency fed­eral pro­grams. Their util­ity com­pa­nies were given huge in­cen­tives to ed­u­cate each and ev­ery home­owner about the new Heat Pump en­ergy sav­ing tech­nol­ogy. That is why Maine and Mas­sachusetts homes are heated and cooled by more Duct­less Heat Pumps than any other state in the USA. Con­necti­cut Util­i­ties are try­ing to get the word out and they are giv­ing great in­cen­tives, but that’s not good enough. I guess… If I want it done right, I have to do it my­self.

My job is to ed­u­cate Con­necti­cut home­own­ers about the Duct­less Heat Pump phe­nom­e­non.

What is a Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump pro­vides both Air Con­di­tion­ing and Heat­ing in one sys­tem. How???... It is re­ally hard to ex­plain the ther­mo­dy­nam­ics of it all. It’s all in the re­frig­er­ant (Freon) flow from the com­pres­sor, through all the tub­ing, through the coils, blah, blah, blah… see what I mean… Hard to ex­plain!

Come visit our CT Home Com­fort Show­room where you can see, touch, feel and dis­cover all the lat­est tech­nol­ogy in duct­less heat pumps and mini split sys­tems.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat & Cool Your Home With A Duct­less Heat Pump Sys­tem?

A Duct­less Heat Pump uses “In­verter Tech­nol­ogy” to keep your home at a con­stant, com­fort­able tem­per­a­ture while sav­ing you the most amount of money pos­si­ble on your en­ergy bill.

Duct­less Heat Pumps keep the in­side of your home at a com­fort­able tem­per­a­ture, whether the out­door tem­per­a­ture is greater than 100 de­grees or even down to -13 de­grees.

The cost to run a Duct­less Heat pump is about 75% less than straight elec­tric heat, 40% less than Oil or Propane heat, and 25% less than Nat­u­ral gas heat. You can still save hun­dreds of dol­lars on your an­nual en­ergy bills when us­ing Duct­less in con­junc­tion with any other source of heat.

It does work by elec­tric­ity BUT… The elec­tric­ity is used only to run a very high ef­fi­cient com­pres­sor, draw­ing very lit­tle en­ergy. The re­frig­er­ant in the sys­tem does the rest of the work. Ef­fi­ciency Rat­ings are mea­sured in co­ef­fi­cient o per­for­mance (COP). A Duct­less Heat Pump has an av­er­age of 3.0 COP, mean­ing…300% ef­fi­cient! No other heat­ing source even comes close. Nat­u­ral Gas, Oil & LP all have less than a 99% ef­fi­ciency rat­ing.

Re­bates & In­cen­tives

Many high ef­fi­ciency Duct­less Heat Pumps meet the re­quire­ments for the En­er­gize Con­necti­cut re­bates. Sin­gle Zone re­bate…$300 & Multi Zone re­bate…$500

If you are hav­ing 2 sin­gle zone sys­tems in­stalled in your home, you will re­ceive a $600 re­bate ($300 x 2) and 2 Multi Zone sys­tems will get you a $1,000 re­bate ($500 x 2), only up to two sys­tems per home. There is an ad­di­tional re­bate of $700, if you heat your home with only elec­tric heat and you had a home en­ergy assess­ment done (HES).

Let the Fights Be­gin!

Duct­less Heat Pump

Duct­less Heat Pump in the green cor­ner, weigh­ing in at *$1.60, pound for pound against any other fuel. Us­ing its pow­er­ful In­verter Tech­nol­ogy, it has re­mained un­de­feated in the HVAC in­dus­try. Light on its feet and quiet as a whis­per, you can barely hear it work­ing. The Duct­less Heat Pump is a re­ally “Cool” cat as well.

*Com­pared to a gal­lon of oil

Elec­tric Heat

Elec­tric Heat has been de­feated over and over again. In the 1960’s, elec­tric heat was at its prime. It was cheap and cre­ated a lot of heat. As time went on, the price to pay was very steep and no­body wanted it any­more be­cause they were los­ing way too much money on that bet .

Oil Heat­ing

Oil in the black sooty cor­ner, weigh­ing in at over $2.50 a gal­lon. Stats: Price fluc­tu­a­tions, mis­fir­ing and caus­ing puff backs, un­ex­pected break­downs, gives off a bad smell and run­ning out of oil at the worst time.


Propane (Nick­name “LP”) is like the cousin of oil. It hangs out in the same cor­ner as oil, watch­ing ev­ery move it makes. If oil goes up, propane does the same. If oil ducks low, well there you go. Propane al­ways car­ries that big tank with it and it’s al­ways get­ting in the way. You never know when it will run out of gas and leave you hang­ing.

Nat­u­ral Gas

All “Frack­ing” aside. Nat­u­ral gas, like the en­er­gizer bunny, keeps on go­ing. Al­ways ready and never runs out of gas. It has a very clean record and doesn’t play dirty. Nat­u­ral Gas weighs in at a bit more than Duct­less Heat Pumps, but that Duct­less Heat Pump still packs a punch. There are sev­eral brands of in­door units (Wall Hung Air Han­dlers) to choose from to match the dé­cor of your

room(s). There are many ways to de­sign the per­fect Duct­less Heat Pump sys­tem for your home. At Air, Inc. CT

Home Com­fort Show­room, lo­cated on 104 Frontage Rd. East Haven, CT. there are many work­ing dis­plays.

We even of­fer a Do-It-Your­self Work­shop… with help from us. We could do the whole in­stal­la­tion for you or you can in­stall it your­self with the as­sis­tance of Air, Inc. It’s your choice. There are also in­door units that can be Hid­den away in your at­tic or base­ment. Our Com­fort Ad­vi­sors will go over all of your op­tions when you set your In-Home No Obli­ga­tion-Free Es­ti­mate with us.

Call to set up yours…

Home Com­fort Show­room… 203-691-9131

Main Of­fice… 203-315-0323 Duct­less Heat Pumps con­sist of one out­door unit and one or more in­door units. Each room is in­de­pen­dently reg­u­lated by its own re­mote con­trolled ther­mo­stat. You can set the tem­per­a­ture of one room at 72 de­grees while set­ting an­other room at 60 de­grees. You can also use your smart­phone to con­trol each unit from any­where, us­ing Wi-Fi and the duct­less app.

Time to Take a Va­ca­tion!

Wayne Kras­now Wayne Kras­now If you’ve been out­side of the United States, you have prob­a­bly seen these Duct­less Heat Pumps in ho­tel rooms and res­tau­rants. They have been us­ing them for many years now. If you know some­one who has a Duct­less Heat Pump in­stalled in their home, ask them how they like it. The an­swer will al­ways be… I LOVE IT!

8 Ben­e­fits of a Duct­less Heat Pump:

En­ergy Ef­fi­cient

Nor­mally in­stalled in one day

Quiet Op­er­a­tion

No more heavy win­dow units to in­stall and re­move Win­dow A/C’s make it easy for some­one to break into your home. More sun­light in your home be­cause you’re not us­ing win­dow units Pro­vides very high ef­fi­cient Heat­ing, Cool­ing & De­hu­mid­i­fi­ca­tion Once it is in­stalled, you barely no­tice them… ex­cept bet­ter com­fort

        COME VISIT US AT OUR NEWLY RE­MOD­ELED HOME COM­FORT SHOW­ROOM We are now of­fer­ing and dis­play­ing Mit­subishi, Car­rier and Daikin Duct­less Heat Pumps. The in­door units come in dif­fer­ent col­ors, de­signs and sizes.

You can…

 See how they will look on the wall and how the out­door unit will look out­side your home

Lis­ten to the whis­per quiet op­er­a­tion of both the in­door and out­door units Find out what the in­stal­la­tion process con­sists of and what you should ex­pect from our in­stal­la­tion crew when they come to your home

See how we will make the in­stal­la­tion of the pip­ing neat and clean look­ing  


We will bring you through the com­plete in­stal­la­tion so you know ex­actly what to ex­pect… No Sur­prises.

If you want to save money and you are a Do-It-Your­self kind of per­son… Call for your per­sonal ap­point­ment to at­tend our DIY Work­shop.

You can also call for a No-Obli­ga­tion Free In-Home De­sign & Es­ti­mate

CT Home Com­fort Show­room… 203-691-9131

Main Of­fice… 203-315-0323

Visit our new web­site for every­thing you need to know about Duct­less Heat Pumps … www.cth­doum­ctlec­­fom­rtshow­

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