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Madi Diaz’s new album ‘History of a Feeling’ shines


“History of a Feeling,” Madi Diaz (ANTI-)

Singer-songwriter Madi Diaz is simply stunning on “History of a Feeling,” her debut album with her new label ANTI-.

Rage, despair, love and loss are all evocativel­y explored with Diaz’s voice carrying the day as the best instrument in the studio.

On “Nervous,” over a bed of muted guitar, Diaz displays so much natural control over her voice it’s as though she is playing it like a flute. Through speed variations and pitch changes, she shines on this track about coming to terms with false feelings.

The songwritin­g on “History of a Feeling” is undeniably strong throughout. “Crying in Public” is both lovely and heartbreak­ing, and Diaz allows us on the journey with her. It’s also one Zedd remix away from being an EDM hit, but I digress.

The best track, easily, is “Man in Me.” It’s a scorching examinatio­n of love and passion, the things we wish we could take back (while knowing it’s too late) and if any song in 2021 will make you reach faster for a box of tissues and double-churned ice cream, this might be it. “I’m not proud of kicking in your bathroom door/ Or screaming at you I don’t know you anymore,” are the kind of lyrics you run from and to at the same time.

Madi Diaz has been on a steady build for the past decade. “History of a Feeling” is a shining release and proves her best is here and ahead.

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