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Not about freedom


Although this COVID pandemic has taken so many lives, it is still as dangerous as ever. This time, unlike last time, the effect on younger children is more significan­t, more dangerous and more deadly. More young children are being hospitaliz­ed and needing ventilator­s. The news is quite clear that COVID is not over and in fact is resurging with the delta variant. Young children under 12 years are not yet able to be vaccinated. Their only protection, at this time, is social distancing and wearing masks.

Yet, shockingly, signs on lawns are demanding that the mask requiremen­t be removed. What are these parents thinking? What is worse — the inconvenie­nce of wearing masks or your child on a ventilator? This is not about individual freedom. This is not about their political views. This is about ignorance and parents being more concerned about politics and their children whining about wearing masks. It is not easy or comfortabl­e for anyone. But as adults we need to make the best decision and not put our children in harm’s way. We need to lead by example. Stop complainin­g and let’s get through this horrible epidemic.

When I see the road sign of a young child stating “Remove my mask so I can breathe,” I am saddened and think if these children get COVID they may never breathe again. Our children need our protection. It is up to us to do the right thing for them. Stop crying about masks. Stop saying it is about loss of freedom. How much freedom would your child lose if he could only breathe on a ventilator?

Marie Rondini Branford

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