New Haven Register (New Haven, CT)

Bring back Columbus


The citizens of New Britain still have their Columbus statue.

Why? Simple answer, they did their homework. They took their time to challenge comrade Howard Zinn and those of his ilk, as the latter chose to demonize Christophe­r Columbus.

Hellbent on rewriting history, Zinn and company created a false narrative to embarrass, discredit and deny the contributi­ons of thousands of descendant­s of Italian

immigrants. To those who should have challenged Zinn’s fabricated version of history ... where were you?

How many times have we heard our mayor declare that his administra­tion, unlike others, will be remembered for its “transparen­cy” and “inclusion”? Sadly, that promise apparently depends on the issue at hand. His action however, to get rid of statue, is a classic example of “the ends justifying the means.”

First create the illusion that the final decision was the product of participat­ion, over time, of a broad segment of the Greater

New Haven community. Then be patient . Those who question the process and recent the outcome, will soon get over it. Tantrums are temporary and pass quietly. (They wish.)

We are not forgetting this.

It’s not over. Return the statue to its place of honor in Columbus Park where it has remained for 129 years, as a source of pride for the Italian American community as well as for the entire Greater New Haven community.

Frank Marino, East Haven

John Esposito, New Haven

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