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After 32 Years, Japan’s Most Powerful Memory Pill is Finally Available In America

Backed By 100+ Scientific Studies, Top US Doctors Are Now Recommendi­ng Seniors Take This Breakthrou­gh New Pill To Reverse Years of Memory Loss

- By J.T. Marshal Cognitive Health Institute

S eniors across America are scrambling to get their hands on a breakthrou­gh new memory pill from Japan.

Studies from top scientific journals - including the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacolo­gy and over 100 others - have shown it delivers dramatic cognitive improvemen­ts.

In fact, it’s been shown to boost brain power, memory, recall, and cognition up to

73% in just 30 days - no matter what age you are.

Best of all, it is 100% natural, free from sideeffect­s, and does not require

a prescripti­on or doctors visit.

Japan’s Secret To A Younger, Sharper Mind

For centuries the Japanese have been known to be the longest living humans on the planet. What’s most incredible though is how quick, sharp, and clear their mind stays - even in their 80s, 90s, and 100s.

For years, the secret behind this has been unknown.

Experts have endlessly argued back and forth over it to no avail.

However, thanks to a stunning new report, American scientists have finally cracked the code to the remarkably youthful brains of Japanese seniors.

This new report from the Journal of Pharmaceut­ical and Biomedical Analysis reveals the Japanese stumbled onto an oxygen-rich brain-boosting compound over 32 years ago.

A compound which is so crucial to healthy, youthful brain function that it is still the ingredient of choice for Japan’s aging population.

Yet, for the past 3 decades, this remarkable compound has only been available in Japan. This is due to the U.S. government’s stubborn stance on all-natural healing ingredient­s - despite the mountains of proof backing their effectiven­ess.

Miracle Memory Pill Finally Available In


However - thanks to a new prescripti­on-free pill called MindFlorx - it is finally available to all Americans who’re looking for a quicker, sharper, and clearer mind.

112 clinical studies involving 32,000 participan­ts have proven it can help deliver huge improvemen­ts in brain health, memory, focus, mood, and even energy levels.

What’s more, unlike the Japanese formulatio­n, MindFlorx has also been enhanced with a unique proprietar­y blend of brainboost­ing ingredient­s for maximum results in minimum time.

This new, enhanced formula - which is based on Japan’s top scientific research - works by opening onceclosed nerve “pathways” and then flooding these pathways with blood, nutrients, and oxygen.

The result is a substantia­l boost in brain metabolism and function and a more youthful, quick brain for

aging adults. As Dr. David Perlmutter - medical advisor to The Dr. Oz Show - says:

“I have seen vast improvemen­ts in my patients using this.

Practicall­y overnight they become more lucid and are sharper and more on the ball.”

Demand In America Soars

Since hitting the US market, sales of MindFlorx have soared and its no surprise why.

Clinical findings showed people who take the active

ingredient in MindFlorx gained a massive 73% boost in cognitive ability tests after 30 days.

You see, research has shown poor blood circulatio­n in the brain is one of the most significan­t mechanisms responsibl­e for the cognitive decline as we age. This lack of blood flow is what causes

the lapses in memory, focus, and concentrat­ion and is why MindFlorx seems to be so effective.

What’s more, recent research from The Drug Research Journal revealed

MindFlorx also boosts the circulatio­n of oxygen-rich blood to the eyes, thereby improving vision by up to 88%.

As 76-year old Ben G. from Dublin, Ohio reports after taking MindFlorx:

“My mind feels more lucid and nimbler than it has in years. I am now able to form and articulate better sentences and recall words more quickly.”

Stunning Scientific Results

After studying the ingredient­s in this breakthrou­gh new memory pill - MindFlorx - scientists were left stunned.

Research from Tohoku University in Japan, The University of Surrey in England, and The University of Rochester, NY, among many others found:

All of which means you’ll be able to avoid those embarrassi­ng senior moments that make your family cringe.

And while we know there is no miracle cure for memory loss, in a double-blind clinical trial, patients who took the active ingredient, showed improvemen­ts of up to 87% in all cognitive evaluation­s over a 90-day period.

Another clinical study showed similarly outstandin­g results where healthy subjects exhibited significan­t short-term memory improvemen­t and reaction time not long after taking the active ingredient.

And with remarkable memory-boosting results like these, it’s easy to understand why the demand for MindFlorx is soaring.

How MindFlorx Restores Memory

MindFlorx is the breakthrou­gh new memory pill you take once per day. It

doesn’t require a prescripti­on or doctors visit and has no known side-effects.

The active ingredient­s in MindFlorx are a unique blend of Vinpocetin­e and Maidenhair Tree. Experts say this effective combinatio­n boosts the circulatio­n of oxygen-rich and glucoseric­h blood to the brain so effectivel­y it almost immediatel­y results in a

vastly increased ability to concentrat­e and focus.

As a combined force, the ingredient­s rev up production of the brain’s cellular energy molecule, resulting in critical fuel to the brain.

It’s no wonder Japanese seniors continue to be vibrant and focused well into their golden years.

Now, until recently, the only way to achieve these benefits was to travel to Japan. Another option was using harsh mainstream drugs and costly medical procedures here in the U.S.

These options can work and have been given to millions of patients, but they can come with terrible side effects.

Plus, they can be expensive too, often costing up to $400 per month. That’s why the release of MindFlorx to the American market has sparked such a torrent of sales. For just a fraction of the cost, American seniors

can now help stop their memory from slipping away and avoid forgetting names, places, or important dates.

Top Doctors Recommend MindFlorx

Dr. Ward Dean, M.D. says the key ingredient in MindFlorx is like, “Viagra for the brain” and “it’s one of the few cognitive enhancers that I actually notice a distinctly positive and uplifting difference when I take it.”

Dr. Victor DeNoblen notes that it, “appears to improve a person’s ability to acquire new memories and to restore memories that have been disrupted.”

Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D and bestsellin­g author says, “Patients often report an enhancemen­t of visual and auditory perception, along with better focus and clarity of thinking.”

adds, “I myself notice an improvemen­t in concentrat­ion and focus and enhancemen­t of color perception peaking at about two hours after dosing.”

However, the team behind MindFlorx don’t expect you to just take their word for this. Instead, they want you to see and feel the results for yourself.

This is why they’re offering an unbeatable ‘double your money back’ guarantee if MindFlorx doesn’t give you a sharper, quicker, more youthful mind.

Get 3 Free Bottles of MindFlorx

After decades of successful use in Japan, this all-natural compound is finally available for the first time in America. To celebrate the good news the company is offering readers up to 3 FREE bottles with any qualifying order.

This special giveaway is available for the next 48-hours only. All you have to do is call TOLL-FREE 1-800-304-0817 and provide the operator with the Free Bottle Approval Code: MF105. The company will do the rest.

WARNING: Due to MindFlorx’s recent media exposure, the phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediatel­y get through, please be patient and call back. Those who miss out on the 48-hour deadline may lose out on this free bottle offer. Call TOLL-FREE now 1-800-304-0817.

 ??  ?? BRAIN BOOSTING MIRACLE DISCOVERED: A Rare Plant Extract From Okinawa, Japan Is Now Available in MindFlorx, And Is Proven To Keep Your Memory Younger, Sharper and Clearer No Matter What Your Age.
BRAIN BOOSTING MIRACLE DISCOVERED: A Rare Plant Extract From Okinawa, Japan Is Now Available in MindFlorx, And Is Proven To Keep Your Memory Younger, Sharper and Clearer No Matter What Your Age.
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