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More pandering


There is one thing most, but not all, politician­s have in common and that is what I call political pandering and they seem to feel spending our money will solve the ills of society. Money for this, money for that. Money for everything.

I make this point regarding Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s recent op-ed on her plans to help stop gun violence. That story hit the nail on the head about politician­s and money. Maybe she wasn’t aware of what she said or what was written in her release but it was clear someone is clueless.

In one paragraph she states in 2020 she got $25 million to help stop gun violence. This money went to of all places the CDC and NIH for a “gun violence prevention and research program.” In the next paragraph she stated so far in 2021 she got another $25 million for this program. Only this time it was, get this, to get the program “off the ground.” If this new money was to get the program rolling what was the first $25 million used for? To make matters worse she claims she will get another $50 million in 2022 to “continue the gun violence research.” So, in a three-year span, we, the taxpayers, will fund $100 million on a program that will have no impact on gun violence.

Want to slow down gun violence? Give that money to police department­s who will actually have an impact. Sending millions to cities on social programs and “job training” will solve nothing. Well, it will do one thing. It will line the pockets of a select group of people.

Richard Poulton

East Haven

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