New Haven Register (New Haven, CT)

Ambassador­s to Australia, U.S. recalled over sub deal


France said late Friday it was immediatel­y recalling its ambassador­s to the U.S. and Australia after Australia scrapped a big French convention­al submarine purchase in favor of nuclear subs built with U.S. technology.

It was the first time France has ever recalled its ambassador to the U.S., according to the French foreign ministry.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a written statement that the French decision, on request from President Emmanuel Macron, “is justified by the exceptiona­l seriousnes­s of the announceme­nts” made by Australia and the United States.

He said Wednesday’s announceme­nt of Australia’s submarine deal with the U.S. is “unacceptab­le behavior between allies and partners.”

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