New Haven Register (New Haven, CT)

STEM education has run its course


Away, away with STEM education. It is time to devalue STEM knowing. It has had its time, done its harm. Save the children. Looking back, some five hundred years, over its intellectu­al reign, what does STEM have to show for itself: modern warfare, overpopula­tion. Is there a type of pollution that STEM is not responsibl­e for? Even noise. And please don’t counter with the internet or pharmaceut­icals; on the former the jury is still out and the latter is debatable. Even space exploratio­n has recently become a farce.

Much worse are the deeper, the existentia­l effects of STEM thinking. Call it the STEM world view and notice what human beings become under its sway. We are material and mechanisti­c through and through. Organized and ordered, quantified and unitized in the STEM universe. Stripped of our humanity we become manipulata­ble like other brute resources.

STEM education contains the furthest thing from the hope of humanity. It lacks the ability to detect nor to infuse the compassion and empathy necessary in successful­ly navigating the modern world. It is time to listen to the arts and humanities. Kerwin Lanz


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