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A necessary step


I was thrilled when President Biden became our president. Growing up in a working-class background and as a man with deep empathy, he knows education is necessary for a better life. Build Back Better would make it possible for poor children to get the education and health care they need.

I am shocked that an intelligen­t man like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia opposes BBB. He said that the citizens of West Virginia are also opposed to BBB. He’s a wealthy man and I don’t believe he understand­s what it’s like for his poor constituen­ts.

As a 98-year-old retired kindergart­en teacher of many years, I taught children from a variety of background­s. Some were rich, some poor, some children of color, some white, some were immigrants, some born in this country. The one thing they shared was all had parents who cared about their children’s education. I remember making home visits and some of my students didn’t have heat, but they did have parents who cared about their education and having a better life.

BBB is an important, necessary step to bring those in poverty the basics like health care and education.

Goldie Taub Woodbridge

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