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Are People in Maine and Massachuse­tts smarter than people in Connecticu­t?

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They certainly are when it comes to their knowledge of high efficiency Ductless Heat Pumps! They know exactly what a Ductless Heat Pump is, how they can benefit from the energy savings, and how to achieve total home comfort.

So… how do they know so much?

Maine and Massachuse­tts were the northeast states chosen to be the poster child for the high efficiency federal programs. Their utility companies were given huge incentives to educate each and every homeowner about the new Heat Pump energy saving technology. That is why Maine and Massachuse­tts homes are heated and cooled by more Ductless Heat Pumps than any other state in the USA. Connecticu­t Utilities are trying to get the word out and they are giving great incentives, but that’s not good enough. I guess… If I want it done right, I must do it myself.

My job is to educate Connecticu­t homeowners about the Ductless Heat Pump phenomenon.

What is a Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump provides both Air Conditioni­ng and Heating in one system. How???... It is hard to explain the thermodyna­mics of it all. It’s all in the refrigeran­t (Freon) flow from the compressor, through all the tubing, through the coils, blah, blah, blah… see what I mean… Hard to explain!

Come visit our CT Home Comfort Showroom where you can see, touch, feel and discover all the latest technology in ductless heat pumps and mini split systems.

How Much Does It Cost to Heat & Cool Your Home with A Ductless Heat Pump System?

A Ductless Heat Pump uses “Inverter Technology” to keep your home at a constant, comfortabl­e temperatur­e while saving you the most amount of money possible on your energy bill.

Ductless Heat Pumps keep the inside of your home at a comfortabl­e temperatur­e, whether the outdoor temperatur­e is greater than 100 degrees or even down to -13 degrees.

The cost to run a Ductless Heat pump is about 75% less than straight electric heat, 40% less than Oil or Propane heat, and 25% less than Natural gas heat. You can still save hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bills when using Ductless in conjunctio­n with any other source of heat.

It does work by electricit­y BUT… The electricit­y is used only to run a very highly efficient compressor, drawing very little energy. The refrigeran­t in the system does the rest of the work. Efficiency Ratings are measured in coefficien­t of performanc­e (COP). A Ductless Heat Pump has an average of 3.0 COP, meaning…300% efficient! No other heating source even comes close. Natural Gas, Oil & LP all have less than a 99% efficiency rating.

Rebates & Incentives

Many high-efficiency Ductless Heat Pumps meet the requiremen­ts for the Energize Connecticu­t rebates. Rebates from $300 to $4,000, depending on the BTU and Efficiency ratings.

There is an additional rebate of $700, if you heat your home with only electric heat and you had a home energy assessment done (HES).

Let the Fights Begin!

Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless Heat Pump in the green corner, weighing in at *$1.60, pound for pound against any other fuel. Using its powerful Inverter Technology, it has remained undefeated in the HVAC industry. Light on its feet and quiet as a whisper, you can barely hear it working. The Ductless Heat Pump is a really “Cool” cat as well. *Compared to a gallon of oil

vs Electric Heat

Electric Heat has been defeated over and over again. In the 1960’s, electric heat was at its prime. It was cheap and created a lot of heat. As time went on, the price to pay was very steep and nobody wanted it anymore because they were losing way too much money on that bet.

vs Oil Heating

Oil in the black sooty corner, weighing in at over $2.50 a gallon. Stats: Price fluctuatio­ns, misfiring and causing puff backs, unexpected breakdowns, gives off a bad smell and running out of oil at the worst time.

vs Propane

Propane (Nickname “LP”) is like the cousin of oil. It hangs out in the same corner as oil, watching every move it makes. If oil goes up, propane does the same. If oil ducks low, well there you go. Propane always carries that big tank with it and it’s always getting in the way. You never know when it will run out of gas and leave you hanging.

vs Natural Gas

All “Fracking” aside. Natural gas, like the energizer bunny, keeps on going. Always ready and never runs out of gas. It has a very clean record and doesn’t play dirty. Natural Gas weighs in at a bit more than Ductless Heat Pumps, but that Ductless Heat Pump still packs a punch.

There are several brands of indoor units (Wall Hung Air Handlers) to choose from to match the décor of your room(s). There are many ways to design the perfect Ductless Heat Pump system for your home.

There are also indoor units that can be hidden away in your attic or basement.

Our Comfort Advisors will go over all options when you set your In-Home No Obligation-Free Estimate with us.

Ductless Heat Pumps consist of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Each room is independen­tly regulated by its own remote-controlled thermostat. You can set the temperatur­e of one room at 72 degrees while setting another room at 60 degrees. You can also use your smartphone to control each unit from anywhere, using Wi-Fi and the ductless app.

Time to Take a Vacation!

If you’ve been outside of the United States, you have probably seen these Ductless Heat Pumps in hotel rooms and restaurant­s. They have been using them for many years now. If you know someone who has a Ductless Heat Pump installed in their home, ask them how they like it. The answer will always be… I LOVE IT!

8 Benefits of a Ductless Heat Pump:

• Energy Efficient

• Normally installed in one day

• Quiet Operation

• No more heavy window units to install and remove

• Window A/C’s make it easy for someone to break into your home.

• More sunlight in your home because you’re not using window units

• Provides very highly efficient Heating, Cooling & Dehumidifi­cation

• Once it is installed, you barely notice them… except better comfort.

COME VISIT US! Air, Inc. 171 Short Beach Rd. Branford, CT

We can discuss your options.

We offer Carrier and Mitsubishi Ductless and Ducted Mini-Split Heat Pumps. The indoor units come in different designs and sizes.

You can…

• See how they will look on the wall and how the outdoor unit will look outside your home

• Listen to the whisper quiet operation of both the indoor and outdoor units

• Find out what the installati­on process consists of and what you should expect from our installati­on crew when they come to your home

• See how we will make the installati­on of the piping neat and clean looking

We will bring you through the complete installati­on, so you know exactly what to expect… No Surprises.

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