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Suing cops for shooting BB gun kid


THE FAMILY of a 15-year-old boy shot in the face by a cop is suing — and accusing a Bronx officer of lying about the incident.

The suit says Marcus Bonner was on the run from street toughs last November when cops saw a BB gun tucked in his jacket.

“He never flashed the toy gun at police, and only had it because he was a victim of bullying,” said Jeffrey Emdin, a lawyer for Bonner’s mom, Tishonne Reed.

“The police had no reason to shoot him and leave his life changed forever,” Emdin said.

Cops have said the officer who fired, Ricardo Bocachica, and another cop saw Bonner pull the weapon on a group of teens. They chased Bonner to his Holland Ave. building, and Bocachica opened fire when the teen reached for his weapon, police said at the time.

Emdin described the gun as a “toy” and claimed in court papers that cops orchestrat­ed a coverup, lying about the conflict.

“He was running from his assailants to get home,” Emdin said. “The cops knew they were wrong, so they covered it up."

City officials said they are reviewing the suit. Bonner is facing two weapon possession charges.

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