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Honor due to hallowed ground


Scotch Plains, N.J.: I was upset to read about the middle school students showing such disrespect at the World Trade Center memorial (“Shame of New York,” June 24). However, some of the fault lies elsewhere. The memorial was designed without any remnants of the destructio­n, so visitors never really see the horror of what happened on the site. There is no signage telling visitors what occured on the site or the significan­ce of the names around the waterfalls. There is not even an American flag flown, which might indicate that something of national importance happened there. As for using the place as a garbage dump, please remember that human remains of the victims were taken to an actual garbage dump, Fresh Kills, and left there. Diane Horning, mother of 26-year-old Matthew Horning, WTC 1 Sunnyside: To the student who said, “No one was disrespect­ing,” then went on to say, “No one was being serious. Everyone was kind of bored and it was just something to do.” That is the definition of disrespect. Being bored is not a reason to do what you kids did! Paul Maringelli Plenty of blame . . .

Flushing: Where were the teachers and parents who were supposed to be supervisin­g the kids at the 9/11 memorial and preventing them from throwing trash into the reflecting pool? I hope others are as outraged as I am by this blatant lack of compassion and respect. Jeanne Hughes

. . . to go around

Seaford, L.I.: The blame goes back to the parents of these children. Obviously they are not taught respect at home, so to them littering a sacred area is of no importance. Just remember, these children hold the future of these United States in their hands, and that alone is a very scary thought.

Frances Harwood

Simple solution Manhattan: I don’t understand why President Obama did not make health care like Plan D (the Medicare Prescripti­on Drug Plans that were never challenged in court for some reason). You are not forced to buy insurance, but when you do, as almost everyone will eventually have to, you pay a lifetime penalty. Suzy Sandor

Heat is on I

Bronx: To Voicer Ray Mceddy: To say Miami’s win over Oklahoma City was a victory for all who have no honor is hypocritic­al and pathetic. By your standards, those who leave their birth state to work elsewhere are sellouts. Rodney Russell

Heat is on II

Brooklyn: Dear Voicer Ray Mceddy: Your ignorance of the concept of free agency is stunning, but who expects Knick fans to understand basketball? The honorable thing would be for you to try to understand that what Lebron James did is modern, standard and wise. Brad Schwartz

Heat is on III

Bloomfield, N.J.: The people who have no honor are the owners of the Oklahoma City Thunder and NBA Commission­er David Stern. Voicer Ray Mceddy should read the whole story of how Seattle’s former team ended up in Oklahoma City. Lebron James is the one who acted honorably — he fulfilled his contractua­l obligation to Cleveland. Denise Serbay

Minding the minders

Brooklyn: A bill has been introduced in the City Council that would provide oversight of the Police Department by an inspector general. Every other agency has an IG; only Commission­er Raymond Kelly acts according to his own judgment and answers to no one. Allan Feinblum

Cloud of suspicion

Pearl River, N.Y.: I am very curious as to why Dottie Sandusky was not investigat­ed (“Caged monster,” June 24). She was in the house when some of these How big assaults could were the house taking be place. that she didn’t hear these poor children scream while her maniac husband was assaulting them? Dan O’hagan

What are the odds?

Brooklyn: After all we now know about the widespread abuse of steroids in Major League Baseball, isn’t it time Pete Rose take his rightful place in Cooperstow­n while he is alive to see it? Charlie Hustle did it the old-fashioned way, while so many other players who did make it in hustled us. Cronin Miller

Quote on ice

Brooklyn: To Voicer John Castagliol­a: Ironic that you would quote Eldridge Cleaver, once the leader of the Black Panthers, a group that would adamantly oppose stop-and-frisk. Though Cleaver later joined the Republican Party, when he wrote “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem” he was still a radical. Neil S. Friedman

Then and now

Ballston Lake, N.Y.: Re “Psycho onboard” (Justice Story, June 24), about the fire on the cruise ship Morro Castle in 1934: My father was a tough Irish commercial fisherman out of Shark River Inlet in New Jersey. I remember the storm that night, and he said upon hearing of the fire that he must go out there to help people in the water. We were scared for him. Others joined him with their boats, and they told many stories about that night. I was 6 years old, but I have a vivid memory of the storm, the fire and the courage of my dad and others. I am now 84 and can’t remember my grocery list. Eleanor Calder Coates

Hip lip

Ozone Park: James Panero makes no attempt to hide his embarrassi­ng desire to be a hipster, but to New Yorkers these pretentiou­s transplant­s from flyover states are a scourge (“Hail to the hipsters,” Op-ed, June 24). Their gentrifyin­g ways have pushed out bluecollar families. Frank Perri

Balance of power

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: It is Voicer Rich Maddalena who is clueless. After the Democrats lost their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, Republican­s held hostage every single bill that Democrats introduced. If you want to see real progress, vote Republican­s out. Janice E. Yaeger

Cocks of the walk

Wantagh, L.I.: To all the Mets who called the Yankees chickens: Remember who rules the roost. Jo-ann Maginnis

A vote for Barron

Brooklyn: I’ve recently been biting my lip because of the ridiculous editorials slamming teachers union President Michael Mulgrew, and now I open the paper to see an editorial slamming Councilman Charles Barron (“Bar Barron from Congress,” June 24). Shame on you. Barron fought tooth and nail for my kids’ school, just as he does for all his constituen­ts. I am proud to stand up for Barron, and I am a white male. Jimmy Orr

Abortion politics

Bronx: I want to thank Steve Wagner and Kim Daniels for their article, “Modern-day slaves, hostage to abortion” (Op-ed, June 24). It is unconscion­able that, with an estimated 21 million people around the world suffering from the human traffickin­g industry, the Obama administra­tion would block funding for a Catholic service organizati­on because it won’t provide abortion-related services. D. Canale

Letter of the law

Maspeth: To Voicer Sherri Rosen: I was the cashier for the candy electronic benefits card transactio­n, and there was nothing I could do about it. I must abide by whatever items the cash register accepts with EBT payment, whether or not I approve of it. Lucyann Digilio

Food for thought

Brooklyn: To Voicer Sherri Rosen: So poor people should not have the ability to purchase healthy food options because you think it’s too expensive? Wow, now I’ve heard everything. I’m sure you would like to see them eating out of the garbage instead. Lia Szigeti

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