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How to Get Celebrity Skin


In a recent Vogue magazine article chroniclin­g the beauty regimens of today’s most popular stars, Jennifer Aniston was quoted saying, “I’m addicted to laser porn. Well, I’m a California girl and over the years I have had lots of sun. These laser facials are priceless and now I’m addicted.” The popular 43 year old actress is as well know known for her youthful appearance as she is for her role in the 1990s sitcom Friends. But, addiction has its cost. Treatments like Aniston’s can cost up to $1,186.95 every month. So, what are hard working stiffs like us to do? Unless you are auditionin­g for a $20 million dollar movie role, you may be thinking this is an addiction only the rich can afford.

A simple solution

Nuvision Medspa has a solution! Doctors and beauty experts agree that the only way to maintain and reverse the signs of aging, improve complexion and achieve that desired red carpet glow is through consistent skin care. This spring, Nuvision Medspa introduced the first ever skin care membership. Matthew Pruitt, Nuvision’s owner and founder explains, “We realized a basic need. The same way your body needs continuous exercise and conditioni­ng to stay in shapeso does your skin.” Of course gym membership­s have been in existence for at least the last century, but a skin membership! Not so much. But why?

Can beauty be affordable?

Simply put, it is more profitable to sell treatments individual­ly. If you’ve ever had a facial at one of New York City’s popular spas, you know a facial can quickly cost up to $250 or more. Imagine doing that same $250 facial every month or every other week as is generally recommende­d. That adds up to a whopping $500 bucks a month or $6,000 a year — and you haven’t even started talking about laser treatments. Pruitt continues, “Everyone desires youth and beauty. Most of us would love to indulge in facials twice a month, but we have other financial priorities in life that take over.” So, your monthly facial becomes a once-a-year occurrence, convincing yourself it’s a well earned “treat.” Here’s the problem, as relaxing as the experience may be you are not achieving the long-term goal of a consistent glow. It is like going to the gym once and hoping to have a body like Megan Fox. It ain’t gonna happen!

Advanced technology

Today’s technologi­cal advances have been so acutely felt in the world of cosmetic treatments that many plastic surgeons are now predicting an end to the traditiona­l face lift and instead opting for non-invasive, zero downtime laser technology. At a recent IECSC Cosmetic & Esthetic conference Dr. Paul Lorenc of NYU shared his views on this trend in his own practice, “I use more and more laser technology today in place of opting for the knife than just a few years ago. My patients want natural results without the downtime and today’s technology delivers it.” While laser treatments are less expensive than a facelift they are not inexpensiv­e — ranging from several hundred dollars to a couple of thousand.

Houston we have lift-off

This is where Nuvision really fills the gap for clients who want great skin. Spas can deliver a great facial while a Medspa can deliver a great variety of laser options to correct and restore you to your porcelain beauty; however, only Nuvision brings the two together under one roof. And for the first time all of these options are offered through an affordable monthly membership. “Our most popular membership is our Golden Membership,” says Pruitt. This membership includes any facial or peel plus an add-on, all prescribed by your skin specialist after a thorough skin analysis. Your second monthly facial is a choice of laser facials including IPL photofacia­l, Laser Genesis or Laser Skin Rejuvenati­on. This allows for a comprehens­ive approach that addresses surface skin conditions as well as employing penetratin­g energy to enhance the production of collagen at a deeper level. In short, this plan has you covered. While these services purchased separately can cost as much as $750, the Nuvision membership will only set you back $199 bucks.

Changing the face of beauty

Maybe that’s why the Nuvision membership program has been so successful. Nuvision already has over a hundred members at their midtown Manhattan location and the program was just launched in June. “We’re seeing that this membership program is filling a need for New York City residents; we have already filled a third of our capacity with this membership concept in the first month,” says Pruitt. Every month Nuvision adds new treatments to their long list of offerings within the program, and Nuvision clients seem to love it. Ruth Roa, a long time Nuvision client, shared her experience in an interview: “I have spent thousands of dollars on facials and laser treatments over the years, but I have never had a real program for my skin care needs. The Nuvision membership program is a comprehens­ive skin care plan that helps me reach my goal to look younger longer.”

Become a member

There are three levels of membership starting at $99. There is a level for every type of client. Whether it’s simple maintenanc­e facials, some skin coaching, a dream combinatio­n for clear skin or anti-aging treatment — Nuvison has it. Every member is appointed a skin specialist, just like a trainer at the gym, who will analyze your skin every month and reveal the condition of your dermis. Then, she will recommend an at home skin regimen and perform a customized treatment of facials, peels or lasers to help you achieve your desired glow. Eat your heart out Jen!

If you are interested in learning more about Nuvison or want to become a member, call them at (212) 8891171. If you would like tips for beauty on a budget, call for a free skin analysis today.

 ??  ?? Jennifer Aniston at ELLE’s annual women in Hollywood tribute.
Jennifer Aniston at ELLE’s annual women in Hollywood tribute.

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