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Q&A With Bob Wychulis, Chief Executive, Healthplus — an Amerigroup Company


In May, Health Plus, a New York Medicaid managed care company, became part of Amerigroup, a managed care company based out of Virginia Beach, Va. Health Plus served about 320,000 members in New York State’s Medicaid, Family Health Plus and Child Health Plus programs and is one of the largest Medicaid managed care companies in New York. Amerigroup currently operates in the five boroughs of New York and in Putnam County and serves more than two million members in 12 states.

Q: What do you do in your role as CEO of the health plan?

I am responsibl­e for managing all of the day-to-day health plan operations in New York. I meet with policymake­rs, community organizati­ons and key staff members to ensure our members receive the best quality care available.

Q: What brought you to New York?

I began my career as a business administra­tor for the Metropolit­an Center for Mental Health in New York City. I am originally from New York and graduated from high school in Brooklyn. I went to college at City University of New York and then went on to New York University for my graduate degree.

Q: How will the recent acquisitio­n affect members?

All of our members will continue to receive the same benefits and great products – they are not changing. Now they are backed by a team that has more doctors, more hospitals and more choices than ever.

Q: What do you see as some of the benefits of this recent acquisitio­n?

Health Plus and Amerigroup share a lot of parallel tracks — regardless of the moniker. The two plans are very much aligned in their commitment to quality care, decreasing readmissio­ns and to the expansion of Medicaid managed care. The combined expertise of both health plans in coordinati­ng care for low-income population­s, seniors and people with disabiliti­es will support the state in its effort to better manage many of the most vulnerable citizens in New York. We look forward to serving our new members, enhancing collaborat­ion with providers and strengthen­ing our presence in the community.

Q: How will Amerigroup’s new presence benefit the state of New York?

I think that as an establishe­d New York health plan, we have the infrastruc­ture to not only provide top quality care to our members, but we can also leverage efficienci­es to bring cost savings to the state. The acquisitio­n comes at a good time – as it will be aligned with the Governor’s Medicaid Redesign Team’s goals of improved efficienci­es and the transition to mandatory managed long-term care for seniors.

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