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Restore and Refresh Thinning Hair


The subject of women’s hair loss is largely taboo. Worse yet, the general population generally is unaware of the causes of women’s hair loss, much less its effects. Most the women that come into our office experience hair loss due to family history, explains Flora Fuentes Managing Director at MHN. Others suffer from thinning hair due to hormonal imbalances, such as a thyroid condition or PCOS. Compoundin­g the problem is the cultural significan­ce of hair in women’s everyday lives. Hair is considered an essential element of a woman’s beauty.

The vast majority of women that come into MHN Hair Studio are simply seeking a solution that will make them look as they did before their hair loss began. MHN Hair Studio has been helping women with thinning hair for over 40 years and offers the Integratio­n Strands Method. MHN’s Integratio­n Method blends 100 percent healthy human hair matched identicall­y to your own for additional volume. This process allows the new hair to be added where needed in exactly the correct amount of density. Since women’s hair loss tends to be in irregular patterns, Integratio­n Strands allows complete flexibilit­y for you to decide how much hair should be replaced and where. From long flowing locks to a short and sassy style, MHN’s Integratio­n Strands allows you unlimited possibilit­ies. Whatever your choice, rest assured that no one will be able to detect that the new hair is anything but your own. Your hair will look beautiful and feel natural to the touch.

Unlike weaves that are sewn into your hair and can further damage it, Integratio­n Strands preserves your hair while enhancing it. There are no harmful waxes, braids or tracks used. Every clients order is custom designed by a hair replacemen­t specialist. The final result is a seamless applicatio­n that promotes healthy hair and provides volume and thickness.

MHN also offers additional services that include:

Low Level Laser Therapy: This advanced hair loss treatment used in conjunctio­n with multi therapeuti­c products has shown to cosmetical­ly achieve fuller, thicker, healthier hair and decrease excessive hair shedding. Recommende­d for women and men that are in the early stages of thinning hair

Invisible Hair Additions: MHN’S exclusive hair extensions are the flattest and thinnest on the market. Go to MHN and see a demonstrat­ion for yourself.

Custom Hair Prosthesis: For more advanced hair loss, a non surgical hair replacemen­t method. Recommende­d for chemothera­py patients and advanced alopecia cases.

For more informatio­n, call 1-800-HAIR202 or visit www.mhnhairstu­dio. MHN has two locations: 515 Madison Ave. (Entrance 53rd Street), New York — (212) 832-0707, and 111-17 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills — (718) 263-5000.

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