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HEALTH Jitterbug Brings Simplicity and Convenienc­e to Cell Phones


These days, it seems like cell phones are getting smaller and cell phone bills are getting bigger. What’s more, with longer contracts, you are locked into these higher rates for years. Many people, particular­ly seniors, just found the whole cell phone experience to be more trouble than it was worth. Then, a company came along that realized people want their cell phone to be just that — a phone — and the Jitterbug was born.

Jitterbug features everything you want in a cell phone and nothing you don’t. It has a large display, large backlit numbers and is designed to block out background noise. It’s easy to see, dial and hear. Plus, you get the added benefit of dedicated Jitterbug operators. They can help you find a number, dial it for you and even program the number into your phone.

T he Jitterbug Cell Phone is just t he beg inning. The coverage is second to none, there are no contracts, no cancellati­on fees and no binding commitment­s. The U.S. based customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are even helpful services like My world, Livenurse and Wellness calls to keep you safe. Plans start at only $14.99 a month, so you don’t have to break the bank to stay connected. There’s even an unlimited plan for those who want to talk and text more.

So for those of you that have said, “I’ll never buy a cell phone,” there is finally an alternativ­e that provides the safety and convenienc­e without all the hassles.

If you don’t want your phone to play games, take pictures or give you the weather, Jitterbug is the service for you. Easy to use with helpful service and affordable rate plans, Jitterbug not only created a simpler cell phone, but a whole new experience where customers come first.

The Jitterbug phone has big buttons and big numbers that you can see without glasses; it fits comfortabl­y in the palm of your hand; it’s not too small and it’s not too big; and it’s easy to use. Jitterbug comes in two models: Dial offers a full keypad while the OneTouch model offers the ease of pushing a single button to reach the Jitterbug operator, 911 for emergency services and a middle button that can be customized to the number you call most often.

Both phones fit comfortabl­y around your ear and are hearing-aid compatible. When Jitterbug arrives in the mail, you can open the box, turn it on and say, “Call (your daughter’s name),” and because the phone has already been pre-set with your numbers, you’ll be instantly connected.

Even though Jitterbug makes cell phone service simple, it includes all the advanced features — voice mail and voice recognitio­n. It just makes accessing those features easier. According to Harris, “Our mission is clear: If it can’t be made simple, it won’t be made by Jitterbug.”

Find out more at 1-866 -540-0297 or go www.jitterbugd­


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