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Long look at Sheen

- David Hinckley

Charlie Sheen will kick off his new sitcom Thursday by revisiting his old one.

Before his “Anger Management” launches at 9 p.m. on FX, the network will run a 12-hour marathon of “Two and a Half Men,” with 24 episodes selected by Sheen.

Sheen also will offer commentary about the show and these particular episodes.

The main thing he feels in retrospect, he says, is “a theme of innocence. I felt lighter, younger.”

The memories he takes from “this epic time,” he says, are “not necessaril­y the work, but the experience­s, the friendship­s created instantly and over time. Who cares how it ended? When it was good, it was great. We were in the middle of something big, the return of the sitcom. We were hungry, and we were winning.”

The selected episodes start with the pildot and finish with “Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy’s Dead.”

Tierney gets a ‘Good’ turn

It’s not exactly a reunion, but “ER” fans will feel a wash of warm memories this fall when Maura Tierney joins Julianna Margulies on CBS’ “The Good Wife.”

Margulies was a charter cast member of “ER” as nurse Carol Hathaway. When she left in 2000, Tierney joined the show as nurse Abby Lockhart. On “The Good Wife,” Tierney will play a rich Democratic godmother.

The show is also giving the mysterious Kalinda ( Archie Panjabi) an ex-husband, played by Marc Warren.

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