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‘View’ panel turns Hunter into hunted


THE LADIES OF “The View” went after Rielle Hunter on Tuesday when she appeared on the show to hawk her tawdry tell-all about her affair with John Edwards.

“In your book, you trash a dead lady whose husband you had an affair and a baby with,” Whoopi Goldberg said. “Did it not occur to you that maybe that might not be the right tone to take?

“It’s kind of a crappy thing to do,” Goldberg said. “It makes you look bad. It makes you look schemy and kind of heartless.”

Hunter, who earlier told “Good Morning America” viewers that she and Edwards had split up, said she simply wanted to correct the impression that the former senator and presidenti­al hopeful was a demon, his wife was a saint and she was a homewrecke­r.

“I wrote the book to tell the truth,” she said. Goldberg wasn’t done. “You had unprotecte­d sex with a married man and had a baby, and then allowed people to pretend it wasn’t happening,” she said.

Barbara Walters called Hunter a liar for writing in the book that Walters screamed at her and bullied her when she

Barbara Walters chose to give an interview to Oprah Winfrey instead.

“In 30 years of doing interviews, I have never screamed at anyone,” Walters said. “I make people cry, but I don’t scream.”

Hunter replied, “I remember that differentl­y. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last, that people remember things differentl­y.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck could barely contain herself when Hunter declared, “I’m not a mistress, I’m a mom.”

“Truth be told, you were a mistress!” Hasselbeck said. “John and Elizabeth renewed their wedding vows in July 2007, while you were pregnant.”

But Hunter continued to insist that she was on the right road when she flirted with Edwards in a New York hotel bar in 2006 and went to his room that night, knowing he was married.

The ambitious pol stuck with his illicit affair even after it destroyed his presidenti­al hopes, his marriage and his reputation — and even landed him in federal court.

But Hunter’s dishy memoir was apparently too much. “As of the end of last week, John Edwards and I are no longer a couple,” Hunter said on “Good Morning America.” “Not at all.”

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