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Upper West Side is maxed out


Manhattan: In writing “Block heads” (editorial, June 22), you should have done your homework before characteri­zing the Upper West Side Retail Streets Initiative as antibank. Supported overwhelmi­ngly by Community Board 7, this proposal would not affect the 29 banks located in the rezoning area or almost 40(!) others outside it. The proposal does not limit the number of banks nor the size of banks, only future ground-floor frontages. And unlike thriving retail outlets, many local bank branches underutili­ze their large frontages. Moreover, there are three bank branches already complying with the proposal, providing ATMS at street level and locating their business services on the second floor.

Banks should recognize that the neighborho­od has unique space constraint­s. Limiting bank street frontages means more retail spaces — and thus more new bank clients. This zoning proposal is good for the community, bankers and businesses. Councilmem­ber Gale A. Brewer

How disgusting

Glendale: There are not enough words to describe the disgust that is felt after reading your article about the kids who defaced the 9/11 Memorial. As a preschool teacher, I often tell people that one of my reasons for working with younger children is because I have far less patience for kids old enough to distinguis­h between right and wrong but who opt to do wrong on purpose. The 3-yearolds I teach would behave better than these teenagers did.

Alison Kondel

Why there’s more crime

Manhattan: I am not at all surprised that crime is up in the city (“Outta Hiz mind,” June 23). I believe the reason is that officers are pulled out of the local precincts to do counterter­rorism patrols in my lower Manhattan neighborho­od below Worth St. Each and every day, I see police cruisers with a variety of precinct numbers on them. You have only to look at the police presence around headquarte­rs and City Hall Park to realize that other areas must be missing officers. It is a shame that the counterter­rorism function, now well done by the feds throughout the country, is being duplicated in Manhattan by the NYPD — of course, at taxpayer expense. John Ost

The end of ice cream?

Brooklyn: Just why is Mayor Bloomberg concerned so much about large servings of sodas? I live in Sheepshead Bay, and there is not one hour that passes by when I don’t see a Mister Softee truck or hear that familiar jingle outside my window. Maybe these sweet treats do damage as well?

Carol Carboni

She knows no bounds

Brooklyn: Congratula­tions to Juan Gonzalez (“Richly unfair,” column, June 25) for highlighti­ng the financial shenanigan­s of Eva Moskowitz. The self-promoting charter school impresario seems to have spineless state education officials scared enough of her to fork over large and unnecessar­y amounts of money to her operations. Moskowitz has become the Al Capone of the charter school movement. David Rabinovitz

Cowards & creeps

Woodside: This is to the two males who were in a car on 31st Ave. on Monday: You called me the B-word as I was walking along the sidewalk. I heard you laughing. Next time, stop the car and say it to my face. Rosemary Forkin

Take me there

Brooklyn: I have noticed a new practice when people are hailing yellow cabs: A cab pulls up to the customer, the window goes down, the customer tells the cab driver where he or she wants to go — and then the cab driver decides whether or not to drive to that location. My experience has always been to hail a cab, get in and only then to instruct the driver where I am going.

Lenore McKinney

A mandate too far

Brooklyn: If the Supreme Court rules against the Affordable Health Care Act, then it should also rule against Medicare, which is mandatory — you get charged a penalty if you do not enroll at age 65, when you are first eligible. I am a retired postal employee — we get to keep our health benefits. Therefore, I am paying $204 a month for health care, and since I turn 65 next month, I have to enroll in Medicare and pay for that, too. If the federal government cannot force people to buy health insurance, then it should not be able to force people to get Medicare. Mae Frances St. John

A miracle

Kearny, N. J.: Last week, a 7-yearold British girl awoke from a coma after hearing an Adele song on the radio. In a related story, I hear that a 25-year-old man here in New York City awoke from a coma after hearing Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Miraculous­ly, he then got up out of bed and shut the radio off. Kevin Dale

It was his choice

Bronx: To Voicer Ray McEddy: LeBron James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as their No. 1 pick in 2003. That was their decision. LeBron didn’t have much choice in the matter. He still led them to consecutiv­e playoff appearance­s from 2006 through 2010. In 2011, he exercised his right to sign with the Miami Heat as a free agent. That’s how all profession­al sports leagues operate. Hate the game, not the player.

Desmond Maxwell

Chicken brain

Secaucus, N.J.: I have two questions for Mets closer Frank Francisco: 1) How old are you, 12? 2) Doesn’t God have strange ways of punishing people for their derogatory remarks? Ethel Danielson

True Yanks

Bronx: The Yankees have relievers named Boone, Cody and Clay. Not only are they good, they’re patriotic. Scott Klavan

Did they know?

Teaneck, N.J.: If the allegation­s against former Penn State President Graham Spanier, Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley — that is, that they were aware of sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky, did not report it, covered it up and subsequent­ly lied about it — are true, then move over, Sandusky. Moe, Larry and Curly are coming.

Ted Martiniuk

He deserves damnation

Fair Lawn, N.J.: Jerry Sandusky deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life for what he did to those boys. Perhaps he will meet his own Tickle Monster there.

Betty Stierli

Mentally challenged

Manhattan: My take is that Jerry Sandusky is possibly a dim, sad simpleton. The real crime here, then, is that despite his clearly diminished intelligen­ce, he was granted so much power over young men by a major university.

Laura Oaksmith

Let him rot

Syosset, L.I.: The only suicide watch on Sandusky should be the one to watch him die.

Peter Incantalup­o

She should stay

Westbury, L.I.: I don’t know why NBC thinks it needs to replace Ann Curry, instead of the obnoxious Matt Lauer. I’d much rather see him replaced. Curry is a lovely woman. I haven’t been wild about a couple of her interviews, but then Savannah Guthrie has a very yappy kind of voice.

Jennifer Zahn

Mourning Michael

Bayonne, N.J.: Monday marked three years since our beloved angel Michael Jackson passed away. My beloved angel, you will always be in the thoughts and prayers of your true fans.

Tomasita Rosario

Peas in a pod

Manhattan: Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber all have one thing in common: They are nothing more than celebrity trash who can’t handle the media.

Charles Manicotti

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