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Our garden of Eden

‘Treasures of N.Y.’ looks at perennial beauty in the Bronx

- David Hinckley

ONE OF the many things New York has done right is set aside wonderful patches of green space.

Taking nothing away from Central Park, none is quite as breathtaki­ng as the New York Botanical Garden in t he Bronx. The “Treasures of New York” series was designed in par t to remind New Yorkers of some of the things they take for granted or sometimes just forget.

The latest edition, hosted by Sigourney Weaver, reminds us that getting a respite from the hot, crowded streets requires only a subway token.

The Botanical Garden was chartered in 1891 and since then has acquired more than a million plants, from spectacula­r blooming beds to rare “living stones” ordinarily found in the most arid regions of Africa.

With 250 acres, the gardens offer a peaceful spot for just relaxing on a summer day.

“Treasures” notes, however, that they are also a world center for botanical research. You don’t have to be a botanist to be impressed when a staff member pulls out plant samples collected by Charles Darwin or Captain Cook.

The Garden still receives up to 50,000 specimens a year, though for civilians it may be even more interestin­g that it continue to protect 50 acres of the oldgrowth forest t hat once covered most st of what is now the city. “Treasures,” ” as usual, makes its case.

 ?? David Handschuh/daily News ?? NYC’s horticultu­ral hot spot
David Handschuh/daily News NYC’s horticultu­ral hot spot

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