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Greg Kelly is King Leer!


TV ANCHOR Greg Kelly went from Fox to pig Saturday as people offended by his on-air ogling of a colleague in a bikini ripped him on social media.

The “Good Day New York” host and son of former NYPD top cop Raymond Kelly all but hit on Fox 5 correspond­ent Anna Gilligan (inset below) in a cringewort­hy y segment g as she reported from a N New Jersey wate ter park Friday.

“First of all, n nice bathing su suit,” he told the self-conscious reporter, prompting cohost Rosanna Scotto to say “stay appropriat­e.”

But Kelly, who was accused of rape in 2012 before pr prosecutor­s declined to press charges, didn’t heed the warning. “Hold on a second, not t so fast Anna!” he said when a blushing Gilligan tried to sign off and “put some clothes on.”

Kelly then stalled the dripping wet woman by asking her stupid questions as Scotto (inset above) urged him to “be nice and stop milking this shot.”

“What is wrong with you?” Scotto finally said, to which Kelly replied, “Just relax ... Don’t be so frowning at me.”

Twitter users called Kelly “a creep,” “trash” and sexual harasser. Some linked the video to a recent interview with the alleged rape victim.

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