New York Daily News

Bratt blasts bridge bozos

- Edgar Sandoval and Barry Paddock

THE CITY’S top cop warned daredevils to stop scaling New York’s bridges Thursday after pictures taken from the top of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge made a splash on social media.

“People just have to learn to stay off those damn bridges,” NYPD Commission­er Bill Bratton (photo) said.

“They’re dangerous. If you can get up there, it’s easy enough to fall off the darned things.”

Urban adventuris­ts have posted stunning photos from atop the RFK, formerly known as the Triborough Bridge, on AnimalNewY­ — including pictures taken inside a sky-high gear room.

Others scaled the Brooklyn Bridge last summer in separate incidents, including one in which American flags atop the span were swapped with white ones.

Bratton said gates to prevent people from climbing bridge support cables, along with more security cameras, would continue to be added to the city’s bridges.

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