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Modern Chinese Hotpot & BBQ finally arrives

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In Asia, Hotpot and BBQ are not only the trendiest cuisines, but both are perfect for the perfect get togethers whether it is during an epic snowstorm or just a date night out. Luckily for you, 99 Favor Taste, brings both modern Chinese hotpot & BBQ together in one restaurant.

99 Favor Taste now invites you to come and celebrate the Lunar New Year with them. with it’s gorgeously modern and appropriat­ely red themed rooms that are perfect for intimate dates and larger celebratio­ns alike.

The Hot Pot That Hits The Spot

99 Favor Taste is the first combined Hotpot and BBQ location in New York City of it’s kind. For those of you unfamiliar with how to “Hot Pot,” it’s a customary Chinese dish known for it’s ability to bring families closer, lovers more intimate and everyone happy and full. Even if your last attempt to cook ended in lots of smoke and very little dinner, you just cannot mess up cooking in a Hot Pot. 99 Favor Taste offers over 8 different soup bases (original style, Chinese herbal, Kimchi, spicy, Congee, Tomato, Curry and pig bone) that take several hours of boiling before being served. Each soup base is robust, but by adding different meats and vegetables, you create your own variation of the theme. Your table will be artistical­ly lined with the best beef, lamb, fish, shrimp, squid and more. Beside the meats, platters of raw vegetables (mushrooms, black agaric, seaweed knots, lotus roots, corn and more) are meticulous­ly prepared and presented for your pleasure. All of the staff is more than happy to explain each ingredient and offer assistance.

All of 99 Favor Taste’s hot pots are specifical­ly

chosen from China to uniformly spread and hold the heat. If you don’t like to share your broth, you can have your own individual mini hot pots. For all of you indecisive eaters you can have a dual or the “Benz” Hot Pot, which allow you to have two or even three different broths in one pot so that you can try the same meats or vegetables cooked with up to three different broths.

25 Simmering Secret Sauces

The Chinese and Korean BBQ give you a different way to try a wide variety of meats and vegetables. Order your favorites and the friendly and efficient staff will grill the food right in front of you and assists you throughout the joyous, interactiv­e group meal. Everyone knows it’s the marinated meats and sauces that define a good BBQ. 99 Favor Taste creates their own sauce mixtures from scratch to taste. The Garlic Shrimp is a favorite and an absolute “must try”. It’s butterflie­d, stuffed with garlic, then grilled in a dark, sweet, ambrosial sauce. When I asked what was in the sauce the insanely thin and stunning waitress just smiled and answered, “It’s our secret sauce” leaving me speechless as I devoured the delectable items, entranced by the potent sauce. To personaliz­e each meal, you can visit the sauce station, comprising of over 25 different sauces. Each mixture is a unique blend created by the staff members themselves.

A Great Meal For An Even Better Deal

99 Favor Taste decided upon this name as a desire to represent their goals. They strive to produce a unique, unreplicab­le taste to love. As also mentioned in the restaurant title, they hope to open 99 locations. Currently, they have two locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Lower Manhattan. It’s best to keep up with them online and check for upcoming events and holiday deals. Last Mother’s Day, instead of paying with money, customers were asked to call their parents and say “I love you”. 99 Favor Taste wants to not only fill your stomach with great food, but fill our world with love. Birthday guests can even get a compliment­ary free meal with a flash of their drivers' license. There are also many promotiona­l deals for members and deals for VIP members. Just ask and be ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Always Remind Ourselves to Care for Loved Ones — 99 Favor Taste Philosophy

The most important thing to know about 99 Favor Taste is that they’re known for efficient interactiv­e, caring service. When you walk in, they provide bags to protect your coat and bags, so you don’t smell of BBQ (unless you want to) upon exiting the restaurant. They even offer plastic phone cases and aprons to protect your devices and clothing. They create a comfortabl­e environmen­t for you to watch the meal cooking right before your eyes. The food is fresh from local markets and the Blue Crabs are even kept alive until the minute they are cooked to be eaten. After leaning back into your couches, surrounded by the lovely Chinese decor, you begin to feel as if you are at a stylish gourmand’s house cooking, laughing and eating with a tight group of friends.

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 ??  ?? Their Manhattan location has 24 tables, each seating parties of up to 6 people. There are four
private balcony rooms for larger groups. For a dinner, it’s best to book a reservatio­n
to avoid waiting.
Their Manhattan location has 24 tables, each seating parties of up to 6 people. There are four private balcony rooms for larger groups. For a dinner, it’s best to book a reservatio­n to avoid waiting.

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