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Throw $66M more at train

- BY DAN RIVOLI Finishing the Second Ave. subway on time will require the MTA to spend an extra $66 million – most of what’s in a contingenc­y fund. drivoli@nydailynew­

THE MTA HAS to shell out $66 6 million to get the Second Ave. . subway open on time, agency offi--cials told its board on Monday.

The money — taken from a con--struction “contingenc­y” fund, , leaving it with $50 million — will l cover longer and extra shifts for r contractor­s to complete work onn escalators and elevators, stationn finishes and start testing of equip--ment and power systems.

“The opening of the Second d Ave. subway with operations at t four separate stations presents lo--gistical challenges which are un--precedente­d in a modern-day y New York City Transit operation,” an agency document presented to the MTA board said.

“With this enormous challenge in mind and the understand­ing that there needs to be a massive mobilizati­on of employee crews and equipment over a relatively short period of time, it is financiall­y and operationa­lly crucial that the system be ready as planned.”

The Metropolit­an Transporta­tion Authority is racing to finish the long-delayed megaprojec­t that will bring the Q train to the Lexington Ave.-63rd St. station, and three new stops at 72nd, 86th and 96th Sts.

Constructi­on on the $4.5 billion project began in 2007.

MTA constructi­on officials have been adamant about their ability to meet their goal of a December opening. Crews started work on the accelerate­d schedule in January, so that the MTA could start testing systems by September.

But the independen­t engineer who oversees the the Second Ave. subway project, Kent Haggas, has been warning MTA officials that they could blow their deadline.

That fear remained unchanged on Monday, despite the expedited work schedule.

“Although the accelerati­on certainly improves the outlook for completion in December,” Haggas said, “the project remains with a moderate risk to that completion date.”

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