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They are peddlers of death

- BY PO MURRAY Murray M is chairwoman of the Newtown N Action Alliance, which w is dedicated to reversing gun gu violence

Gun manufactur­ers make up the only industry in America that is protected from lawsuits when its products lead to violence and death.

Over 100,000 Americans have died from guns since the Sandy Hook tragedy. Shootings have occurred in movie theaters, Army recruiting centers, churches, colleges, in homes and on city streets across America. During the same period, four of the biggest gun makers have raked in more than $632 million. The gun industry, with the help of the NRA, the Newtownbas­ed National Shooting Sports Foundation and other gun lobby groups, is continuing to work relentless­ly to increase its customer base. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, there are 15 states looking to pass laws to put guns on college campuses and there are 16 states looking to allow concealed carry without permits.

Semiautoma­tic assault rifles pose a significan­t public safety threat. Their design features allow the shooter to efficientl­y kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time available. Despite its militarize­d marketi ing strategy, the industry continues to claim the semi automatic assault rifles are not made for the military and should not be called “assault rifles.”

Remington sold the AR-15 th that killed 20 innocent children and six educators in less than five minutes. Remington may argue that its semiautoma­tic rifles are not killing machines, but photos of the traumatic tissue damage in the bodies of the victims from the AR-15s should be enough to counter their argument. There is no place for AR-15s in our civil so society. These types of assault rifles have been the weapons of choice in mass shootings.

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