New York Daily News

Landlords rent & rave at Hizzoner

- Erin Durkin

LANDLORDS ARE launching a new ad blitz bashing Mayor de Blasio’s housing policies.

The Rent Stabilizat­ion Associatio­n — seething over a rent freeze imposed by the Rent Guidelines Board last year and fearful another one could be on the way — is broadening its attacks on de Blasio as the mayor seeks to push through his affordable housing agenda.

“His position is you have to protect the tenant at all costs — without understand­ing they’re actually going to get hurt,” said Rent Stabilizat­ion Associatio­n President Joseph Strasburg, who argued Monday that not allowing rent increases for 1 million rentstabil­ized apartments will leave landlords so broke that buildings will fall into disrepair.

The group bought 1,000 TV ads and an additional 225 radio spots through June.

“We’re here to protect low-income families. And it’s cynical politics for the landlord lobby to use paid actors instead of genuine New Yorkers to attack the mayor’s plan,” said de Blasio spokesman Wiley Norvell.

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