New York Daily News

Blaz sees ‘logic’ in hater’s surge

- Erin Durkin

THERE’S A “strange logic” to Donald Trump’s surprising campaign success, Mayor de Blasio said Monday — warning that opponents must accept he has a “legitimate shot” at the presidency.

“People are very frustrated in this country — for very good reason,” de Blasio said. “They feel cheated. They feel lied to. They feel the government hasn’t been on their side. And when someone speaks bluntly about that — even with all the wrong ideas, all the wrong policies — it’s still going to be appealing to a lot of people.”

De Blasio, who has endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton, said he expects she would beat him in a general election, but “no one should underestim­ate him at this point. There’s a very good chance he could be the Republican nominee,” he told reporters.

“I think Mr. Trump will later on find that his innumerabl­e statements against women, Latinos, Muslims and many other categories of human beings will catch up with him over time,” he said.

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