New York Daily News

MTA: We will fare better versus repeat offenders

- Dan Rivoli

MTA OFFICIALS on Monday agreed to dedicate staff to keep chronic transit criminals out of the system.

MTA board member Allen Cappelli proposed a unit to deal with district attorney’s offices in the city and surroundin­g counties to track prosecutio­n of subway crimes and press for plea deals that include a ban from the transit system.

“The MTA itself has not done all that it needs to do,” Cappelli said. “We have to advocate to the district attorneys the seriousnes­s of these offenses, particular­ly those that are repeat violent offenders, people who rob i- Phones and other electronic­s, people who commit sex crimes on the subway system, people who assault employees and assault police officers down in the system who are doing their job.”

MTA chief Thomas Prendergas­t and NYC Transit President Ronnie Hakim backed the proposal.

Subway crimes are on the rise, with a 36% increase in major felony crimes in January, compared to the same period last year, driven by assaults. A dozen of the 37 felony assaults from January were stabbings or slashings, according to NYPD Transit Chief Joe Fox.

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