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$5M for faster EMS times


AFTER EMS response times for life-threatenin­g emergencie­s jumped by more than 20 seconds last year, the FDNY plans to spend $5 million on two pilot programs to handle what it calls a record number of emergency calls.

Starting this summer, the FDNY plans to use 10 “fly cars” — fire supervisor SUVs carrying a paramedic — to emergencie­s in the Bronx ahead of ambulances, fire officials told the Daily News on Monday.

The Fire Department also plans to send out a “tactical response” group of 10 additional basic life support tours — ambulance teams staffed by EMTs, not paramedics — to neighborho­ods in the Bronx experienci­ng the highest call volume.

FDNY ambulances took an average 7 minutes and 13 seconds to respond to lifethreat­ening emergencie­s, and an average 9 minutes, 59 seconds, to respond to all calls last year. That’s up from 6 minutes, 50 seconds for grave emergencie­s and 9 minutes, 23 seconds, for all calls in 2014.

The department’s slowest response times were in the Bronx, stats show.

John Annese

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