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Slumlord bill hurts our plan – City Hall


A CITY COUNCIL push to protect tenants from slumlords has run into opposition from an unlikely source: Mayor de Blasio.

At a Housing Committee hearing Monday, a chorus of de Blasio minions blasted Council bills that would broaden existing tenant protection­s.

The bills, they contended, would slow down his push for more affordable housing by adding redundant bureaucrac­y, increasing costs for builders, and further burden already stressed city inspectors.

Currently, landlords in certain designated districts must sign a “no harassment” certificat­ion before obtaining a permit to build or rehabilita­te property.

The Council would expand that “no harassment” policy citywide, an expansion that officials say would be extremely difficult to enforce and obstruct the de Blasio administra­tion’s push for more affordable housing.

Greg B. Smith

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