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MTA station cleaner Aishah Smith has no medical or first responder training, but she may have saved a life with her quick thinking and a healthy love of TV’s Dr. Oz.

Smith, 40, on July 27 around 12:30 p.m. aided a man suffering a violent seizure, comforting him until emergency crews arrived at her R train stop at the City Hall station.

The man had collapsed right next to her, bloodied and convulsing as he lay face down in front of a station turnstile. She turned him over on his side, made sure his airway was clear and elevated his head with his briefcase. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, transit officials said.

Smith, who has been with the MTA for 18 years, said she has been in similar situations before while outside of the subway system — and said she learned some of her tricks watching Dr. Oz on ABC.

The MTA training that also stuck with her may be familiar to riders. “Always be aware,” she said. “When you see something, say something.”

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