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Aroldis excused from camp


TAMPA — Aroldis Chapman was not in Yankees camp Monday, given an excused absence for what manager Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman referred to only as “personal reasons.”

The closer is awaiting a decision from Commission­er Rob Manfred on whether he will be suspended for domestic violence allegation­s from an October incident. Florida prosecutor­s decided not to file criminal charges against Chapman, who allegedly choked and pushed his girlfriend before firing eight gunshots in his garage.

“We expect him back tomorrow,” Girardi said. “It was not a throw day for him, so it worked out well.”

Asked whether Chapman had gone to New York to meet with Manfred or anybody else from Major League Baseball, Girardi said, “I don’t know. Personal reasons.”

Cashman said Chapman had asked for the ex- cused absence about a week ago, adding that there will be another such absence later in the spring.

“There was a date today that we knew he would not be here,” Cashman said. “He asked for permission in advance and we provided it, and you’ll see him again tomorrow.”

Manfred said late last week that his ruling on two of the three domestic violence cases involving Chapman, Yasiel Puig and Jose Reyes would likely be announced in the coming days. Cashman said he had no idea when Manfred’s announceme­nt — which is expected to include a suspension for Chapman — will be made.

“I can’t expect anything at any point,” Cashman said. “I have no expectatio­ns. It’s on a timeframe that only he and his office would know. Trying to speculate about when or what would be a waste of my time.

“He’s very methodical and they’ve got a great investigat­ive team and they’re going to go through it all and make an informed decision and we’ll support whatever decision that is.”

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