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Tweet tussle with Teigen takes toll


US WEEKLY HAS cut a reporter loose after he got into a Twitter spat with pregnant model Chrissy Teigen. The Sports Illustrate­d swimsuit issue stunner (photo inset) did an interview with the magazine on Friday — but took issue with the online headline, claiming it was intended to stir up interest by making her look like an “uncaring mother.” Veteran celebrity journalist Jon Warech — who did the interview at an SI event in Miami — tweeted back and engaged in a lively exchange with Teigen about the story.

By Monday, higherups at the Wenner Media weekly had given him his marching orders. After the post headlined, “Chrissy Teigen: We’re Hiring a Night Nurse for Baby,” went live that night, the star — pregnant with her first child with John

Legend — accused the weekly of using “the last of many questions as your headline because you know it will make me look like a poor, uncaring mother and get people talking. Awesome. Doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Warech argued the harsh words were “misplaced anger” and protested that he doesn’t write the headlines. To prove it, he posted a screenshot of the Word document containing the interview that he sent to his editors.

Now Confidenti@l is told that the freelance writer — who had been Us Weekly’s main Miami correspond­ent — got a call from the New York headquarte­rs Monday morning saying his services would no longer be required.

“I felt the need to defend the story and my reporting style,” Warech told us of his social media spat. “We didn’t use the last of ‘many questions’ and none of the three questions were ‘extremely personal’ (as Teigen had claimed in their conversati­on). I guess it wasn’t my place to do so.”

“Now that I have some free time on my hands, maybe she wants to hire me as her night nurse,” he added.

Reps for Us Weekly didn’t respond to our requests for comment.

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