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MTA station agent Ralph Johnson’s profession­alism put him in the right place at the right time to save a woman who fell from a Brooklyn train platform.

Johnson, 63, of the Bronx, showed up early to his 3 p.m. shift on Labor Day to familiariz­e himself with the busy Franklin Ave. station.

But when he saw that a woman had fallen onto the tracks, Johnson accomplish­ed something that sometimes seems impossible in order to save a life: stop a moving train.

“I could hear the train. I hear the wheels screeching, coming around that corner,” Johnson said. “My first response was to jump in the middle of the track and waive that train down.”

Johnson, standing in the middle of the tracks, was able to grab the motorman’s attention in time for the train to stop 25 yards away, averting a potentiall­y fatal accident.

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