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Richard Singleton risked his life to save a rider’s.

Singleton, a station clerk, ran from the safety of his booth at the 28th St. No. 6 train station to stop a man from slashing a passenger during an argument on March 22. The men were arguing in front of a token booth at about 8:15 a.m. when one of the men took out a knife and attacked the other, police said.

Singleton, a transit worker for 18 years, grabbed the assailant’s arm and wrist, causing him to drop the knife. Singleton then got on top of the attacker until police arrived to make an arrest.

“Everything else happened so fast but I knew I couldn’t let someone get stabbed to death in front of me,” the Bronx resident said at the time.

The victim survived the slashing, sustaining cuts to his head and neck, thanks to Singleton’s selfless actions.

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