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Giuseppina Foglia is a staff analyst at the Far Rockaway bus depot, but on Oct. 1, she was making executive decisions.

That morning, without any managers at the depot, she evacuated the facility when a high-pressure gas leak developed at the constructi­on site across the street.

In a depot with about 200 MTA employees working at a time, Foglia, 46, told all her colleagues that the constructi­on crew hit a gas main and to get out of the building. She went through each room of the depot, checking twice, to make sure every one of her coworkers was out of harm’s way. Her effort to help did not stop there. Buses on the road for their morning runs were returning to the Far Rockaway depot. Foglia called into the command center to help dispatcher­s find parking spots for the returning buses.

Once the MTA got word that all was clear, Foglia then made sure that each bus was returned to the depot lot.

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