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Arepair job on the platform of a Staten Island Railway station turned into a life-or-death event when a young man on a bike tumbled onto the tracks.

Mechanics Gregory Harper and David Espana were on a job at the Old Town station on the morning of Sept. 11 when they saw a man fall onto the tracks and hit his head on the rail.

With the man and his bike lying dangerousl­y on the trackbed, Espana, 35, from Flushing, Queens, jumped off the platform and stood between the electrifie­d third rail and the man to keep him from stumbling into it.

Harper then radioed to a dispatcher to cut the power and warn trains in the area. He went to the edge of the station and waved his arms to signal a motorman in any oncoming train to stop.

A motorman pulling into the station saw the signal, preventing an accident from turning deadly.

“It just seemed that we did what we were trained to do,” Harper said.

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