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- Joscelyn Evering (left) and Gilbert Drogheo (r.) last year allegedly harassed a straphange­r, who shot Drogheo dead. Now Evering faces raps of brutalizin­g his girlfriend.

A BROOKLYN man accused of pushing and shoving a retired correction officer who then shot and killed his friend has been busted for allegedly attacking and pimping out his ex-girlfriend, the Daily News has learned.

Joscelyn Evering, 29, and Gilbert Drogheo, 23, made headlines last year when they allegedly harassed and attacked 70-year-old Willie Groomes on a southbound No.4 train, leading to a scuffle that poured out onto the Borough Hall station.

Groomes tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Drogheo, and shot and killed him in the ensuing struggle in front of horrified straphange­rs. The March 2015 incident was captured on cellphone video.

Groomes was not prosecuted after an investigat­ion by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, but Evering was charged with assault, harassment and other charges for his and Drogheo’s alleged attack.

While out on $1,500 bail, Evering allegedly choked and assaulted his ex-girlfriend on Dec. 15, court papers say.

He also allegedly took the woman’s cell phone and told her “you’re not going anywhere,” according to the criminal complaint.

Evering was initially charged with a misdemeano­r, but those charges were upgraded to a felony after the victim told prosecutor­s Evering forced her into prostituti­on.

One of his lawyers in the sex-traffickin­g case called the new “hinky.”

“We were working to dispose this and go to trial on the (Groomes) case, then (prosecutor­s) go into the grand jury on the 87th day and indict him without telling us or giving him a chance to testify and explain why this person is lying,” said William Aronin. “It’s hinky! It’s f--ked up!”

Evering pleaded not guilty at his arraignmen­t on Friday.

If convicted of the new charge, Evering faces up to 25 years in prison. indictment

QI was here in H-1B status until 2009. I left then and returned to work in that status in January 2016. How long may I stay? I am an informatio­n technology worker. My visa expires in November 2017. I worked here before in H-1B status for 21/2 years ending in May 2009. I got an H-1B visa in 2011, but never used it to work here. Can I stay in H-1B work status for a full six years from my most recent entry?

Jayaprakas­h York You have a full six years available in H-1B status since your last entry. If you start an employment-based green card case, that may be even longer.

H-1B status is for temporary profession­al workers. It is available to foreign workers whose job requires at least a four-year college degree or higher or the equivalent in education and experience. Generally, H-1B status is available for up to six years in three-year intervals. After one year abroad, the six-year clock begins again. USCIS will extend H-1B status beyond six years if you have had a labor certificat­ion or I-140 employment­based petition filed before the end of your fifth year of H-1B status and it has

ADeivanaya­gam, New been pending for 365 days or an I-140 petition has been approved for you but you can’t get your immigrant visa because of a backlog in visa waiting lists. My green card will expire in January. How do I go about getting a new one? Herman Issacson, Manhattan You apply for a new green card by filing U.S. Citizenshi­p and Immigratio­n Services form I-90, Applicatio­n to Replace Permanent Resident Card. The fee is $450, but if you can prove that you have an inability to pay the fee, USCIS will waive it. Get the form and filing instructio­ns at or by calling (800) 870-3676. You can file your I-90 online at the USCIS website. If you want USCIS to waive the fee, submit your applicatio­n by mail and include USCIS form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver.

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