New York Daily News

Starving dogs’ owner in nab at ‘slaughterh­ouse’

- Christina Carrega and Reuven Blau

TWO EMACIATED, burned dogs were rescued from abuse at their Brooklyn home by police.

The mastiff mixes were taken from the apartment in the Red Hook Houses at 2 a.m. Wednesday after an anonymous tip, court records show. The pooches’ owner, Jamar Smith (inset), 43, was arrested and charged with animal abuse.

“It was like a slaughterh­ouse,” one of the responding officers told the Daily News. I almost threw up when I went inside. I couldn’t believe anyone was living inside.”

At first, Smith refused to show officers the dogs, according to a criminal court complaint.

He eventually brought out the two dogs. They each “appeared malnourish­ed with a prominentl­y displayed rib cage, vertebrae and pelvic bone,” the court records said.

The police brought the dogs to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Harlem.There, Dr. Laura Niestat said the dogs weighed about 72 pounds. The average mastiff is about 100 pounds, she said. The dogs also had scab wounds on their heads, possibly from cigarette burns, the police source said.

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