New York Daily News

Bomb bin surprise

- Victoria Bekiempis

WITH A bit of game-show flourish, prosecutor­s in accused Chelsea bomber Ahmad Rahimi’s trial unveiled a diminutive dumpster Thursday that was thrown 120 feet in the blast that injured 30 people.

The waist-high waste receptacle, covered in a mover’s blanket, had been sitting at the front of the room in Manhattan Federal Court for several days. But it wasn’t until Thursday morning that the dumpster was unveiled to jurors, when Assistant U.S. Attorney Shawn Crowley questioned NYPD Bomb Squad Detective Jason Hallik about the scene on W. 23rd St. after the Sept. 17, 2016, bombing.

Crowley walked to the dumpster and pulled the quilt away.

“Do you recognize this?” she asked Hallik.

“That’s the dumpster that was on 23rd St.,” Hallik said after the big reveal.

Crowley and another prosecutor wheeled the receptacle to the jury box, where the panel stretched forward to peer at it.Rahimi’s lawyers unsuccessf­ully made repeated objections to allowing jurors to see the dumpster, as well as how it was presented, claiming it would be prejudicia­l.

“Why do the dramatic unveiling?” said Matthew Larsen, one of Rahimi’s lawyers.

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