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We will rack up it to a begin­ner’s mis­take: New­bie New Jer­sey Gov. Phil Mur­phy wants to bring back from the dead the Port Author­ity’s DED, the agency’s deputy ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor. And in the process re­store one of the worst pieces of a ter­ri­bly dys­func­tional bis­tate bu­reau­cracy.

Since Mur­phy was just wrap­ping up his time as U.S. am­bas­sador to Ger­many when Bridge­gate ex­ploded in fall 2013, he may need a re­fresher course on how incredibly bad an idea the DED is.

The job, a sep­a­rate fief for Jer­sey-only in­ter­ests within the PA, was most in­fa­mously held by Bill Ba­roni, soon to be­gin his two-year sen­tence in fed­eral prison for Bridge­gate.

The master­mind of Bridge­gate, where Chris Christie’s hench­men closed lanes on the GWB for po­lit­i­cal ret­ri­bu­tion, was David Wild­stein. His Port ti­tle was: Di­rec­tor, In­ter­a­gency Cap­i­tal Projects, Of­fice of the Deputy Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor. The DED duo also con­cocted a fake huge toll and fare hike scare to make Christie look heroic.

Af­ter the Bridge­gate crime was ex­posed by Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor Pat Foye, the bis­tate con­sen­sus was to abol­ish the DED as part of a set of re­forms. That was until the Jer­sey Leg­is­la­ture killed the pack­age, in­clud­ing hav­ing a sin­gle CEO.

Wild­stein, who pled to two counts of con­spir­acy, was sen­tenced to three years’ pro­ba­tion, among other pun­ish­ment. Ap­par­ently his pro­ba­tion of­fi­cer lets him run a po­lit­i­cal blog, where he broke the news of Mur­phy’s move.

Gov. Cuomo is jus­ti­fi­ably shocked and is re­fus­ing to go along, as the DED is ap­pointed by the PA board with Al­bany’s con­sent. Cuomo can­not back down and should push for the sin­gle CEO.

Mur­phy can have plenty of say at the Port with­out the DED. It’s great, for in­stance, that Mur­phy is get­ting the board to raise the min­i­mum wage at Ne­wark Air­port to that of LaGuardia and JFK.

He must next force the Port to in­stall cash­less tolling, which will help Jer­sey driv­ers more than any­one. And fill the va­cancy of ousted board mem­ber Caren Turner, who tried to fix a traf­fic stop.

Af­ter the Port’s top cop — a Jer­sey guy — gave a po­lice es­cort for Rush Lim­baugh, he was canned.

Turner in­stantly van­ished off the PA’s web­site; the fired cop hasn’t yet. Mur­phy can fix that, too.

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